Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Proper Poem

I thought I'd better have a go
At composing a proper poem
Just felt I should stop a mo
And produce some decent poem
However I haven't a clue how
To compose a proper poem
It is all downing on me now
I might never make a proper poem
My attitude towards poetry's just wrong
I mistake rap for a proper poem
I fire words like balls in ping-pong
Without thinking about proper poem
Proper poem is the last thing on my mind
All I care about is rhyme
I don't think it's a crime
Not to make a proper poem
As long as the poem is mine
It's alright if it's not a proper poem
And therefore I'd be damned
If that ever makes a proper poem

1 comment:

Hazar Nesimi said...

This poem is ain't no dud
And I am ain't no stud
I am a lovely lad
Are you mad
Are you my dad
I had,